The Hoops wine bottle label showing Guy Hooper and his family.


Our final visit and the last wine to complete our list of 80 Wines was a particular delight.

We met Guy Hooper on our travels in Chile and we were enthralled by his story of a homemade winery in the Maipo Valley. Guy makes just one or two barrels of wine each year from the vines he planted outside his front door. His family helps him and he has a harvesting festival at his house when it comes time to pick. The blend of his wine he says is down to the birds and what they don’t eat from his twenty or so small rows of vines. Each bottle is hand numbered and Guy keeps a book so he has a record of who the wine was given to or drank with. He often asks his visitors if they have a special number

The favourite wine here was the 2016 Hoops which was still fermenting in Guy’s garage winery. Guy punched through the cling film wrapper on his plastic fermenting box and syphoned off a little of the yet to be released (yet to be fermented) wine for us to try. All we can say is 2016 will be a good year and yes it will be highly limited of course. We hope Guy will keep the number 80 from the 2016 vintage for us when it is bottled as that will be a pretty special ending to the project and a cool bottle to have at the film premiere.

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