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Our first winery stop in Argentina was Bodega Colome in the Salta region. It was a tough journey from Salta which included two stops at police checkpoints. One to tell us to keep our headlights on and another as a random check. The road quickly lost its tarmac properties as we headed across the Parque Nacional Los Cordons to get to the really quiet town of Molinos. We knew we were in a remote area when a petrol station we stopped at for a refuel didn’t accept any type of card payment. Luckily we managed to scrape together enough pesos for the fresh fuel.

Molinos felt remote not just because of the distance but the poor road surfaces. We knew instantly that a 4×4 would have been a better option for the Argentina section of the trip rather than a two door saloon. The next morning as we headed out on the 20km journey from Molinos to the Colome winery it took us an hour which demonstrates the state of the road.

We were rewarded with some fantastic views which surround the estate and tastings of the wine which come from the highest vineyards in the world. We met Thibaut Delmotte and we did an interview before being shown around the winery and the picking team who were in full swing in a nearby vineyard.

Our favourite wine here was the Estate Malbec 2013 which is a blend of three different heights of malbec vineyards: 1,700m, 2,300m and 2,600m blocks.

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