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Danshi Rise

We instantly liked Steve Daniel when we met him. He is probably the most relaxed winemaker you will find. There is no website, a shed for the fermentation, a Harley Davidson parked in front of the aging oak barrels and simply a passion for making wine that oozes out of him like the red bubbles that breath out of his fermenting Shiraz. We spent time with Steve and his family, did an interview and tried his homemade orange coloured chillis and enjoyed the view out to the coast. There was no multi million pound tasting room here yet there was a balance between a man and his land which mirrored the fantastic balance in his superb Shiraz.

We thought the Danshi Rise 2012 Shiraz was outstanding just don’t expect to find it in your local wine retailer. Not surprisingly the 500 cases Steve sells mostly stay in Australia.

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