Cleaning purple crates at the Felton Road winery in New Zealand.

Felton Road

We spent a superb day at the Felton Road winery in Bannockburn. It was a great day of filming and we did an interview with winemaker, Blair Walter, as well as temporary grape picking staff Ashley and Nick.

The morning started with a 6.30 hrs hike to the top of a hill which overlooks the winery and offered amazing views across the valley towards Cromwell and Bannockburn. The early morning effort was rewarded with some awesome sun rise colours which we happily recorded on still and video.

We spent a lot of time with Blair, Mike and Charlie filming in the winery and at one point lost our GoPro in a huge tank of Pinot Noir. We eventually found it with some intense plunging but at one stage it looked like the GoPro had gone for a three week ferment.

It was a great experience watching the guys at work and seeing the hard work from the whole team that goes in to bringing some amazing bottles of wine to the table. We tasted the wine at the end of the day and were impressed and could see why the wine is so sold out. It was hard to pick a favourite but we opted for the Pinot Noir Bannockburn 2014.

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